Wolf gold scratchcard

How to Play the Wolf Gold Scratchcard at the Pragmatic Play Casino Online Game Provider

The most exciting part of a Wolf Gold Scratchcard is the massive jackpot that can be won. Known as the Wolf Gold 1 Million, this scratchcard offers a massive payout of two hundred thousand times the amount of your bet! This game is a great way to win big without breaking the bank, as the tickets are inexpensive and there are numerous ways to win. In addition, you can play it for free! Read on to find out how to play the Wolf Gold Scratchcard.

A woman from Blackpool recently became the first UK millionaire on a scratch card with a Wolf Gold theme. This NHS employee won the maximum amount and became the first millionaire of the year 2020! The prize, which was awarded on the first day of June 2020, was one of the largest gains to be won on a Pragmatic Play scratchcard. As mentioned above, the scratchcard is inspired by the popular video slot of the same name, and is therefore an excellent way to win big.

This version of the game features the same characters and top-quality graphics as the slot game, but with a scratchcard format. Just like the slot game, the background of the Wolf Gold scratchcard is a rugged American landscape. The graphics on the scratchcard are similarly top-notch and the wolf is framed by golden decorations and rocky mountains. The soundtracks are also very stimulating and the player’s bankroll is unlikely to fluctuate much.