Vegas magic

If you are a fan of the Las Vegas Strip, then you’ve likely seen Vegas Magic. This game features a charming illusionist and his gorgeous assistant. The symbols on the reels include a tiger leaping through fire, a mystery white dove, and a magic hat. These can lead to big wins. But, be warned: Vegas Magic doesn’t have too many special features. Here are some of the best things to watch out for when playing this game.

Frederic Da Silva is an international mentalist who returns to Las Vegas this year. The 2011 FISM European Championship of Magic saw him take home the Nostradamus d’Or award for best mentalist in Europe. In 2010, he was a finalist in the FFAP French Championship of Magic. He has also been featured on France’s Got Talent. You can check out a few of his best tricks and try your hand at this Las Vegas-style slot machine.

The show’s title is a play on words, but Da Silva’s afternoon show will have you guessing about the answers. The audience is left captivated as the illusionist enters their minds and makes predictions about what’s going on behind their backs. You may even find yourself wondering if you’ve been dreaming about a certain person or what’s in your pocket. It’s the kind of show that’s sure to leave you smiling.