Poke the guy

Poke the Guy – A Review of the Microgaming Casino Online Game

If you are looking for a fun, free online slot game, Poke the Guy may be right for you. The game is based on the classic Angry Birds video games, and the theme is quite similar – the player has to shoot a bunch of angry birds at a group of pigs. As they fly by, they attack the pigs and attempt to destroy their hideouts. In addition, different angry birds have different functions – some of them even explode to cause even more damage.

The game includes a wacky premise: you’ll be the one to poke the Guy. He’s dressed in a leotard, taunting you with an inane laugh while doing silly poses. If you’re lucky, you’ll hit him with an acid-based watermelon or piranha, or even a rubber ducky. This will trigger a series of bizarre events and prizes.

While this may sound like a strange concept for a slot game, it’s actually quite simple. Its design is simple and the rewards are plentiful, but it will take some time to find its niche in the casino world. The main feature of this slot is that it is suitable for younger players, but it will probably have less appeal to the older crowd. In terms of payback, Poke the Guy isn’t for beginners, but it is definitely worth a try.

Microgaming is known for creating new games, and their latest creation, Poke the Guy, is no exception. The game is mobile-optimized and designed for mobile play, and is available at Quickfire and Microgaming online casinos across the world. If you’re looking for a new slot to play, make sure to check out Microgaming’s Poke the Guy. The game has a lot of potential and it’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoy playing slots.