Mystery drop

Mystery Drop is a relatively new casino game that replaces losing symbols with new ones, thus increasing rounds and reels, and climaxing with free spins that progressively add to the final score. But in spite of its freshness, most people aren't too sure how to accurately evaluate this game. Is Mystery Drop really as good as everyone says it is?

If you want to maximize your profits from Mystery Drop, there are a few key factors that you should pay attention to. First, Mystery Drop offers two different types of betting, both of which have their own individual benefits. Basic betting is where you simply select a number and hope that the corresponding symbol appears. The higher your stake, the larger the number you must win. On the other hand, double-lay betting involves buying two stacks of letters, each holding a different letter of the alphabet. In order for your card to match the first letter in the second stack, the second letter must appear in the first one, and vice versa.

In addition to these two main betting strategies, Mystery Drop features a third, hidden strategy that can be used to greatly boost your odds of winning. Free Spins are a unique feature of this game, and while they don't help your chances of winning, they do help you lose less money! Free spins are earned by winning a certain amount of free bets. While it's not possible to predict how many free spins you'll receive, a good strategy is to select a number in the middle range of possible free spins and to bet that number without looking at the pop up boxes, or else you might miss the chance to earn free spins. In most cases, you receive three free spins before time runs out, and you're required to place a single bet after all three free spins. If you play this game carefully, you might be able to reduce the casino's investment in your slot machines with Mystery Drop!