Giant’s fortune megaways

Get ready to face an imposing giant in the casino game from stakelogic with interactive touchstone mega pots. Giant’s Fortune Megaways is originally called Giant’s Gold Megaways, which was loosely based on the famous fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. The story goes that Jack, a young farm boy, awakens one day from a deep slumber in a strange house on the edge of a strange town. There he finds himself alone in the strange land where people appear only in dreams and where magic is common. To make matters worse, Jack must struggle through dangerous mazes and giant dungeons to reach the throne room and confront the Witch of the Lake herself, who has been carving her enchanted path through the Land of Oz.

Jack uses his newly found wisdom and knowledge of the area to defeat the Witch, but not before being knocked unconscious and transported into the underground land of Oz. Here, using his knowledge of the symbols used by the people of Oz, Jack needs to find the way to the Wizard’s castle and confront the Witch. However, since Oz is a place of eternal darkness, entering the land may be risky even if you have the powerful skills and wisdom possessed by the wizard. The good news is that Giant’s Fortune Megaways is a casino game that allow you to play the game right in your living room and that too with a ready made assortment of playing cards and chips that are kept on a secure computer in the house of the stakelogic game provider.

If you have been waiting for a reason to make this virtual slots adventure a reality, you are sure to find it here. Giant’s Fortune Megaways features an easy to use interface and a great array of graphics. The mechanics of the game allow you to use up to two thousand chips and play up to four hands at a stretch. There are several levels, and a quick time rule helps to keep the games fast paced. The website also gives you a free practice run of the game before you start playing for real.