Back to the 70’s

Back to the 70s Casino Online Game

If you are looking for an online slot machine that will transport you back to the 1970s, the Back to the 70s slot game is a good option. It has a classic five-reel structure and requires you to match up at least three identical symbols on each of the 20 paylines. This slot machine has 10 symbols, which all fit the theme of the 1970s disco. They include stacked wilds, regular wilds, bonus symbols in the free spins feature, and a scatter symbol. The wild symbol in the game is the Back to the 70s logo, which acts as a substitute for other symbols.

There are many superficial parallels between the 70s and the current state of the economy, including oil shocks, recession, seasons of discontent, and a booming welfare state. Yet there are many differences as well, including the unwinding of the Thatcherite economic model based on credit and consumption, and neglecting investment and good workplaces. The similarities are more superficial than you might think. The UK has experienced a similar economic downturn to that of the 1970s, but with far more severe consequences.

In the 70s, there were no mobile phones. This meant that people had to be creative when they wanted to have private conversations. Home phone cords often stretched into the kitchen, forcing people to be careful about what they said. However, if you have fond memories of the 70s, you’ll be glad that you took a trip back in time and relive the freedom of those decades. These memories are worth remembering, and may even inspire your own creations.