Ernest Stevens – Indian casino boss visiting Gauselmann

Ernest Stevens – Indian casino boss visiting Gauselmann

Ernest Stevens

Ernest L. Stevens, the chairman of the Indian casinos in the USA, had given himself the honor of the Merkur slot machine manufacturer Gauselmann in advance of the ICE London.

Anyone who thinks of gambling and especially casinos in connection with the USA will surely come up with well-known names that are inextricably linked to this industry. Steve Wynn, for example, is one of the well-known people who, however, had to resign as CEO of his own company, Wynn Resort, on numerous allegations of sexual assault. Furthermore, there is Sheldon Adelson, who makes billions with his company Las Vegas Sands every year, or Donald Trump, who tried his luck in the past more badly than in the past. Despite their high standing in the US casino industry, however, the real gray eminence in the country is Ernest Stevens, the chairman of NIGA, the National Indian Gaming Association. In the run-up to the ICE London, he now gave himself the honor at Gauselmann, the largest German gaming group and manufacturer of the globally popular Merkur slot machines.

Paul Gauselmann sees his own parallels to Ernest L. Stevens

Even before ICE London opened its doors on February 4th, as it does every year, Ernest Stevens, the boss of the Indian casinos in the USA, did not miss the opportunity to accept Gauselmann's invitation. Together with three other high-ranking managers, the gray eminence of the US casino landscape was able to get a comprehensive overview of the entire product portfolio of the Germans. The program included a visit to the production of the Merkur slot machines, of which Ernest Stevens and his colleagues were able to convince themselves of the high quality standards “Made in Germany”. For Gauselmann, this high level of quality is based above all on the excellent training and further education of its own employees. It was therefore not surprising that the NIGA delegation also made a longer stopover at Benkhausen Castle, the gambling company's large training center. Finally, the tour through the German casino landscape was rounded off with two visits to important gambling temples. On the one hand, Ernest Stevens got exclusive insights into his own little Merkur Casino in Espelkamp and the casino in Bad Oyenhausen, both of which are very close to the company's headquarters.

How enormously influential Ernest Stevens is in the USA can be seen from the awesome tone with which Gauselmann speaks about the Chairman of NIGA. Company founder Paul Gauselmann spoke of a great honor to welcome the delegation to their own sacred halls. He also referred to certain parallels between the two founders of the global casino industry. Just like Paul Gauselmann as chairman of the German slot machine industry for decades, has led the industry in Germany, Ernest Stevens has been the leading mind at Indian casinos for decades. Under his leadership, the turnover of all casinos located in the Indian reservations in a total of 29 states tripled. In the meantime, the total turnover of all around 500 large casinos is already on the threshold of 40 billion euros. 500 casinos with hundreds of thousands of slot machines set up are a proper house number for every manufacturer and this explains the almost awesome tone with which people talk about visiting NIGA and Ernest Stevens. He is the top representative of an organization, the members of which are among the largest buyers of slot machines worldwide.

In statements about Ernest Stevens' visit to his own sacred halls, Paul Gauselmann was full of praise for his American colleague. great honor was given   to welcome the Ernest Stevens with his delegation to the Gauselmann Group . Mr. Stevens has been passionate about the concerns of the Indian gaming industry in the USA for decades.  Over the past two decades he has tripled his experience in the generation of revenue. That looks a great award and a fantastic benefit for the tribes affiliated in Indian, who were able to realize many  projects including education, and clinics with the earning ways. 

Berlin and the Gauselmann stand were also on the agenda for the NIGA delegates

The NIGA delegates were not only able to get a comprehensive picture of the production and high quality standards of the Merkur slot machines at Gauselmann's headquarters. The visit was also used for numerous discussions within the two management levels. On the part of the slot machine manufacturer, in addition to the founder Paul Gauselmann, Jürgen Stühmeyer, the board of directors Merkur and Athanasios Isaakidis were also present for the export sales. It is fairly safe to assume that behind the closed doors some interesting topics have been worked on and that there has been a lively exchange of experiences.

The press spokesman and head of the central communications department, Mario Hoffmeister, was then responsible for presenting Ernest Stevens and the rest of the NIGA delegates to the federal capital. The first thing on the program was an exciting  steeped in history with all its famous sights. The excursion ended with a personal visit of the German Bundestag before the NIGA delegates went on to London for the gaming fair. Even if nothing concrete became known that Gauselmann and Ernest Stevens had actually discussed with each other, the visit may have definitely strengthened the overseas connection to the USA. However, it could soon be seen whether this will ultimately be reflected in increased orders for Merkur slot machines in the coming months.